Trio and Duos Jenlis


Mathilde de Jenlis comes from a musical family. She shares her passion for music with her brother Axel de Jenlis, cellist and her sister, Heloise de Jenlis harpist. They often perform as a trio in concerts and festivals in Belgium, France, Spain.


Mathilde also performs duo concerts with her sister Héloïse or her Brother Axel. They offer an interesting program of original pieces as well as their own arrangements.




Mathilde can perform in a wide range of  settings  whether it's a party, wedding, show, recital etc.

Parties with DJs and violin


Mathilde frequently performs with DJs for private parties and other events: Solvay Bal, Bal of ANRB.



Mathilde has taken part in different musicals such as The Gavroches of MusicHall, Pampero, in famous halls in Brussels (Cirque Royal Tour and Taxi).   Her performances in these shows were particularly noticed and appreciated by the organizers and the audience

Fashion shows


In 2014, Mathilde took part in the fashion show "Bubble dream" directed by Joëlle Morane. For this event, she played the violin and walked on the catwalk  - at the same time - for various Belgian designers.

Clac et les portes


The band “Clac et les portes”  is a not common band. It mixes styles such as folk music, chanson française, world music, classical music, film music in a subtle way ... They gave numerous concerts and took part in in the Eurovision sound contest Belgian final in 2011.

Est-ouest international festival of chamber music (Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium)


Mathilde is the coordinator of the “festival international de musique de chambre Est-Ouest".  This Festival is an important classical music event, which takes place every year in the concerthall  «la  Ferme du Biéreau » in Louvain-La-Neuve (Belgium).


It brings together the top musicians from all around the world such as A. Baranov, V. Pisarenko, G. Chistiakova, B. Pasquier.  In 2014, Mathilde was the founder, coordinator of the Est-Ouest Chamber Orchestra. This orchestra performed multiple times Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf  in major venues

Violin lessons

Mathilde also has  a Master’s in pedagogy (teaching) from the Royal Conservatory of Brussels (distinction).   During her Master’s, she received all the necessary training to teach the art of violin and music. Thanks to the research conducted for the production of her thesis "Wellness with the violin," Mathilde closely follows the methods and teaching techniques which focus on body awareness and relaxation.

Chamber music


Mathilde de  Jenlis is a very active chamber musician. She has performed in numerous festivals: Festival de Wallonie, Musiq'3 Festival, festival international de musique de chambre Est-Ouest, festival de Corroy.


Due to her experience at the Conservatory and on the festival circuit, she has met many great young musicians with whom she enjoys to perform. She plays in different groups ranging  from one part of a  duo to performing within a large  chamber orchestra.  She has a passion for the great works of the piano and violin repertoire - Grieg, Brahms, Franck, Fauré, Ravel,  and for piano trios -  Beethoven, Schubert, Brahms, Rachmaninov, Shostakovich