Mathilde can provide beautiful instrumental music, at any point during your wedding day, to add a touch of special romanticism and make your Wedding Day even more unforgettable.

Feel free to contact Mathilde for your Wedding.

The Ceremony

musique marriage belgique

Wedding Receptions

For your marriage ceremony, mass or service, Mathilde can be joined by her sister, Héloïse, a professional harp player. Together they can create a romantic atmosphere to add that extra touch to your special day.


As a Duo with her sister, Héloïse, Mathilde has a Classical Repertoire that includes many well-known marriage pieces - such as Ave Maria, Schubert’s Wedding March, Pachelbel's Canon etc. But if you have a particular favourite, song or hymn that you would like to hear on your Wedding Day, this can also be arranged. Mathilde can also organise to play with other musicians and instruments, to cater for a wide range of musical styles and tastes. 

For Wedding Receptions, Mathilde plays with her sister, Héloïse, in a harp and violin duo. Together, they can provide a beautiful musical atmosphere to accompany wedding receptions and parties. Mathilde’s playlist for Wedding Receptions includes Celtic music, jazz, gypsy lounge, classical, movie soundtracks, pop songs and much more. To offer a whole range of styles and cater to every taste, Mathilde can bring together other musicians or play with her own band.

Wedding Parties/Discos


Mathilde can also play the violin to make the dancing part of your wedding even more memorable. Playing her amplified violin over the DJ, Mathilde can play a wide range of the latest and electro hits, with a tailor-made playlist created especially for the occasion.